Give up, give in or give it all you’ve got!

I had so much fun doing this drawing of my dog,

I am doing a similar one of my cat.

I know this drawing is a dog but I want to talk

about my horse that died two years ago.  When

Hercules died I questioned if I should give up riding.

Starting over with a new horse seemed overwhelming,

but I felt very sad when I imagined my life without horses.

So I stared the process of looking for a new equestrian friend

and found Eli.  He is the perfect horse for me in so many

ways and I am blessed to have him in my life.

I am happy I didn’t give up!

On to the reason I am telling this story…

there is a parallel in the direction of my art career.  For the

past two years I have done many illustrations for what

would have been my second children’s book.  Recently,

the book died for reasons I won’t get into.

This, like the loss of my horse, made me question my

direction.  Will I ever do another children’t book, maybe

but not right now.  However I am having a great time

creating art in my own style and in a playful way.

For now it feels right and easy and I can’t wait to see

where it goes.  If it is anything like what happened with

Eli it will be wonderful.


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