About Rainbow Zebra Graphics.


My name is Evamae Robin Allen.  Most people call me Robin.  I live in Shortsville New York.  I have had a hard time deciding what to write for my biography.  Usually I start with I have a BA in Art and Design to prove that I am an “artist”…but most of my art experience was after I graduated.  I enjoy looking at and creating art.  I get inspiration looking at magazines, shopping, as well as my backyard.  I find joy in things that sparkle or are pink. Rainbows and finding pennies helps me know everything will be ok.  I have loved black and white since high school but it has been reflected more recently in my animal companions…black and white horse, miniature horse, cat and dog.  Did I mention I like animals?  My artwork often portrays the impossible to seem possible…like zebras flying.  I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery.

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