Zebra flying the wrong way

I drew this flying zebra in November.

It is to be one in a series of three zebras.

I ended up using it for my holiday card but

that was not my original intention. 



It wasn’t until I scanned this drawing into my computer

that I realized that I had drawn it facing to the left.

That in itself is no big deal really.  I can flip it in Photoshop.

However I have discussed with my sister, who is an art therapist

how people who are depressed, dying or those types of situations

will draw with a direction of left.  Sort of like the last photo

my Dad was working on before he died was a sunset.

When I was almost done with this I discovered a lump

in my breast.  It was confirmed with a biopsy to be cancer.

It may be silly but the drawing scared me as much as the cancer.

I had a mastectomy December 21st.

Before my surgery I drew my second zebra facing to

the right.  I finished it two days before my surgery.  I

felt very compelled to get it done before surgery.



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