Mandalas are defined by Carl Jung as

magic circles, containing certain design

motifs that he found to have universal

nature across cultures, across

I did my first ever mandala.

My ended up rectangular.

What does that mean?


Graduation hats

My hairdresser’s daughters graduated

from high school this spring.

I found these cute gift card boxes

and jazzed them up a little.


graduationboxes2 025


Pebbles with new head

I did a new head for Pebbles the cat and used

photo-shop to add it to the first drawing.I think it looks better.

I might end up doing a whole new drawing

but for now I am going with this one.


Domestic leopard

I have been working on my second children’s

book.  Because I am not ready to post any of

those illustrations yet I guess it looks like I

am not doing much artwork…but I am.

However I did take a break from the book to

draw a domestic leopard…just for fun!


Dogs love cat food

I don’t know why but dogs love cat food.

In order to keep the dogs from eating the

cat food  I have little doll tables on another table.

I recently found this round one at a little antique store

in Canandaigua.  I made the black chair covers

so they would better match my kitchen.

catcharsandphotosinlivingroom 002

Listen to your intuition

What do I do with my life?

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

They somehow already know what you truly want

to become.”  -Steve Jobs

I don’t really understand my love of horses…

it is just there.

When Hercules (my horse of 17 years) died last

February I had to make a choice to give up

riding or continue.  My heart felt sad when I imagined

a horseless life…so I pushed ahead

and found Eli.intuitionandheart It has been scary to start over

and I don’t ride like the young girls at the barn

but I am proud of how far I have come.

I am excited about where I am going even though

it is out of my comfort zone.

Singer sewing machine cover

I made this sewing machine cover about

fifteen years ago.  I did all the embroidery and

applique.  Since then it has gotten very faded.

This is a photo taken of it when it was first made.

I wish i had taken a picture of it before I tore it apart…

but I didn’t.


This is the new cover I made with parts of the old.


Tulips and sewing machine cover.

So I have my Mom’s sewing machine

that my sisters and I all learned to sew on.

It must be at least 60 years old…

I took one of the small quilts that she

appliqued and made it into a cover for

her machine.


This is the quilt.

This is the cover…momsewingmachinecover



My Mom said…

On October 31, 2013 my Mom, who was 96 died.

She had a good life and was ready to move on.

I miss her a lot.

This is the first piece of art work I have done since

her passing.  I found a picture of her when she

was young that I used in this collage.

I feel this is the “how she is in now”.


I also used a picture of me when I was young.


This is the collage I created…


The fortune cookie saying was sitting at my

desk when I went back to it after she died.


Happy Holidays!


I would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday!

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year…may it bring you joy

now and throughout the coming new year!

Dog in Puffin costume

So I thought it would be fun to dress

the dogs up as puffins for a card.

All I could find was a penguin

costume.  Here are a couple photos of the dogs.

penguinphoto penguinphoto2

This is the card I made using the photos…


War ponies

At the barn where our horses are living they had

a Halloween party and invited people to dress up

their horses.  My daughter and I decided  to make our

horses into war ponies.

warhorseseliandmax 051 warhorseseliandrobin warhorseselirobin2 037 warponieskimberlymax

We used finger paints and they just brushed out later.

Where are my stripes?

I thought I would do a plaid zebra just for fun.

When I started working on it I ended up with a

checkered zebra…

Note the zebra glasses on the checkered zebra.


I put a robin on my near sighted zebra….


I think the birds on both zebras look good.

I hope they make you smile!

Both zebras have bad vision.

(You can tell because of the glasses).

Why are we here?

Why are we here?

Are we spiritual beings having a human experience?

And why are dysfunctional families the norm?

But what is the norm?

So this soul collage is about family…


“You can’t change where you came from

but you can change where you go from here.”

from The Perks of Being a Wallflower