Getting ready for baby!

I found out my daughter was having a baby

at the end of the summer!  So exciting!

Danielle and her husband Joe had a

reveal party just before Christmas and

we found out it was a girl!  They decided

to decorate the nursery in a circus theme

and they asked me to do some art work.

Here is the first two circus animals I drew…

no suprise they are zebras.


This is the Mom…


Goose and other birds

I have not written in my blog for a while.

There are many reasons for that…one my

husband and I have been helping my

daughter with her new house (she is now moved in),

two…life,  three…I have been working on holiday

cards that I do not want to post yet and logos that

I need permission to post.

However I was suprised to see a white

good hanging out with the regular geese in

my back yard yesterday!  Here are a couple photos.

whitegoose 056

whitegoose 005

I also did a drawing of an eagle…here it is…eaglefinalblog

Fortune cookie card

This card will come with a sheet of

fortunes that can be cut and placed

so they look like they are coming out

of the cookies.

This is what the card looks like

without the fortunes…


Here it is with two of the many options…


An angel

I did a drawing of an angel.

I haven’t picked out a name for her yet.

So I call her an angel.

Any idea for a name?

Here she is…


I also did a drawing of a little girl

to dance with the angel.

Her name is Mary Kate.

Here they are dancing…


Stay With Me A While

John Tyo just came out with his first CD.

It is call Stay With Me A While.

He asked me to do the cover art work for him.

This is the front…


This is the back…


His music is available through Amazon.


New Beginnings

I believe that everything

happens for a reason.

When bad things happen

I wonder what good will come

out of it…because something

usually does.

I did this series of drawings for

another purpose.  But then I thought,

“These would make a nice card!”

This is the outside…


This is the inside…


This is not a dress rehersal

A couple weeks ago I injured my left

pointer finger.  (My horse bit me if you must know).

I had three stitches to reattach the finger nail.

I write and draw left handed so this put me back

a bit.  Not to get too discouraged I did a soul

collage (I can cut with my right hand).

Here it is…

This is not a dress rehersal

Crow quilt

I took a crow drawing I did and used it

to  do a quilt version.

This is the drawing…crow This is the quilt…

newcrowquiltforblogFun right!!!

A white horse named Candy

Where my horse Eli lives there was an

older horse Candy.  She was cared for by the

farm owners as they care for other retirement

horses for their owners.  When Candy died a

couple weeks ago the farm owners asked me to

make a card for Candys’ person.

It was her first horse.

candycutoutI thought it was interesting that all the photos

I was given to make the drawing from were

facing to the left.  My sister, an art therapist, told

me that facing to the left indicates going away,

less engaged with life etc..

To the right indicates a right here right now…

here we go direction.  After I made the card

I took the original art work and added to it.

Here it is…


I guess I could flip the direction but I like it like this.

Beaded quilt

I have been working on this quilt for

at least 3 years.  It has taken so long

to do because of all the beading on it.

I have enjoyed working on it but I am

happy it is finally done.  Originally it was

going to be bigger.

quiltoutside 012

Give up, give in or give it all you’ve got!

I had so much fun doing this drawing of my dog,

I am doing a similar one of my cat.

I know this drawing is a dog but I want to talk

about my horse that died two years ago.  When

Hercules died I questioned if I should give up riding.

Starting over with a new horse seemed overwhelming,

but I felt very sad when I imagined my life without horses.

So I stared the process of looking for a new equestrian friend

and found Eli.  He is the perfect horse for me in so many

ways and I am blessed to have him in my life.

I am happy I didn’t give up!

On to the reason I am telling this story…

there is a parallel in the direction of my art career.  For the

past two years I have done many illustrations for what

would have been my second children’s book.  Recently,

the book died for reasons I won’t get into.

This, like the loss of my horse, made me question my

direction.  Will I ever do another children’t book, maybe

but not right now.  However I am having a great time

creating art in my own style and in a playful way.

For now it feels right and easy and I can’t wait to see

where it goes.  If it is anything like what happened with

Eli it will be wonderful.