New beginnings

I did my latest collage to help

myself figure out my purpose.

I believe we are all given a gift

and it is up to us to use it during

our life.  I have alway felt you should

do what you love and love what you do;

then eveything should work out.

But sometimes it doesn’t work out

the way you had hoped.


Two fish


I did this card with two fish…

I thought it needed something else,

so I added a cat, dog and fish bowl.


I think this has a better story.

Yin Yang birds

yinyangverticalI drew this crow and thought it went well with the

peace dove from my holiday card.  I drew the

yin yang symbol to tie them together.

I think the crow would work nicely on a

Halloween card.  Any thoughts?


One of my best customers loves giraffes.

So I thought I would draw one.

I could only fit part of her on the card.


Holiday card


For a few years I have been doing the holiday

card for Z-Axis / Bear Power Supplies

an electronics company in Phelps, NY.

This is my creation for this year.

The bear and outlet are on the backside

of the card.

The owl

I did a quiz on line to find my totem animal.

It is an owl.  I have never drawn an

owl before or had any urge to.

This is my first owl…

owlThis is my second owl….

checkeredowlHere is my third…uniqueowlI feel this one suits me best.

I invite you to be your unique self!


Mandalas are defined by Carl Jung as

magic circles, containing certain design

motifs that he found to have universal

nature across cultures, across

I did my first ever mandala.

My ended up rectangular.

What does that mean?


Graduation hats

My hairdresser’s daughters graduated

from high school this spring.

I found these cute gift card boxes

and jazzed them up a little.


graduationboxes2 025


Pebbles with new head

I did a new head for Pebbles the cat and used

photo-shop to add it to the first drawing.I think it looks better.

I might end up doing a whole new drawing

but for now I am going with this one.


Domestic leopard

I have been working on my second children’s

book.  Because I am not ready to post any of

those illustrations yet I guess it looks like I

am not doing much artwork…but I am.

However I did take a break from the book to

draw a domestic leopard…just for fun!


Dogs love cat food

I don’t know why but dogs love cat food.

In order to keep the dogs from eating the

cat food  I have little doll tables on another table.

I recently found this round one at a little antique store

in Canandaigua.  I made the black chair covers

so they would better match my kitchen.

catcharsandphotosinlivingroom 002

Listen to your intuition

What do I do with my life?

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

They somehow already know what you truly want

to become.”  -Steve Jobs

I don’t really understand my love of horses…

it is just there.

When Hercules (my horse of 17 years) died last

February I had to make a choice to give up

riding or continue.  My heart felt sad when I imagined

a horseless life…so I pushed ahead

and found Eli.intuitionandheart It has been scary to start over

and I don’t ride like the young girls at the barn

but I am proud of how far I have come.

I am excited about where I am going even though

it is out of my comfort zone.

Singer sewing machine cover

I made this sewing machine cover about

fifteen years ago.  I did all the embroidery and

applique.  Since then it has gotten very faded.

This is a photo taken of it when it was first made.

I wish i had taken a picture of it before I tore it apart…

but I didn’t.


This is the new cover I made with parts of the old.


Tulips and sewing machine cover.

So I have my Mom’s sewing machine

that my sisters and I all learned to sew on.

It must be at least 60 years old…

I took one of the small quilts that she

appliqued and made it into a cover for

her machine.


This is the quilt.

This is the cover…momsewingmachinecover